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Friday, July 29, 2011

Chlorophyll Benefits Spiritual Progress

Chlorophyll Benefits Both Brain and Mind

I can attest to the efficacy of eating massive doses of green vegies in pursuit of enlightenment!  If you have an electric juicer, and you most certainly should so long as you have access to vegetables and electricity, then it should be added to your daily regimen to further your spiritual progress.

Yogis give great credence to the pineal gland in optimizing thresholds of excellence in human evolution, achieving enlightenment, and chlorophyll and its influence upon the pineal gland in achieving such results.  The pineal gland is both physically and evolutionarily the top gland in human evolution, contributing to and controlling all the glands below. 

As the gravitational pull increases during the waxing moon, this attraction, reflected especially with liquid media, facilitates bringing forth nectar [amr'ta, in Sanskrit] which can flow down either of two energy channels along the spinal column, the Ida Nadii, on the left side and associated with the left nostril.  The right channel affects the general functionality of the body, and may be associated with the sun.  It begins at the base chakra, the muladhara, going up to the sixth chakra, the agnya or third eye, then crosses over to the left brain.  The left channel is similarly constructed on the left side of the body, diverging at the agnya cakra and is associated with the right brain. 

In the days before the full moon, amr'ta, nectar, may drip from the pineal gland, which usually travels along the right channel and gets burnt along the way.  A person contemplating the Universe lovingly may have the nectar, amr'ta, flow down the left channel, reaching the ana'hata cakra, the fourth cakra at the heart, after which Anindyanarasa Samadhi may ensue, with immense love resplendent throughout their life, and myriad skills subsequent in the wakefulness of this extraordinary bliss.   

For those true in their endeavors to acheive unqualified devotion, merge with this sublime Universe, attain enlightenment, arrive at sainthood, take the opportunity to spend days, weeks drinking freshly juiced vegetables throughout your day, especially the yellow, green and blue ones, broad leafies such as collard greens, bundles of joy such as broccoli and squash.  You can and will experience the difference chlorophyll will make, I guarantee it.  Add to this carrots and beets.  If you take these two together, and make a big plus by adding plenty of greens, your "realms of perception" will increase many times over, for the beets have subtle pro-spiritual psychotropic influences that will not result from eating them raw or processed.

Here's some information giving great credence to chlorophyll and its influence upon the pineal gland and implicit for the lives of humans: 

"What is the initial stuff in the manufacture of lymph? Lymph is produced from the energy and vitality acquired from the different quinquelemental factors of this universe, such as water, air and light. They are the initial stuff. The final stuff is shukra [which has three stages: lymph, spermatozoa and seminal fluid]. It is the most developed stuff, the cream of all creams. Chlorophyll accelerates the speed of the production of lymph, but it does not act as the initial stuff."


"Chlorophyll and sun rays are not the same thing. Sun rays are light energy, which may be converted into electrical energy, sound energy, magnetic energy and so many energies known and unknown to the world. They are interchangeable and inter-transmutable. But the position of matter is not such.

Chlorophyll is helped, is moved, by sun rays. It is the inherent wont of energy to create movement. Rather, energy and movement are inseparable. Chlorophyll is conveyed, is carried, by sun rays -- and not only sun rays, but by the different rays of different celestial bodies. And this movement of different bodies through the media of energies does not pass in a straight line; that is, the movement is of systolic character, of pulsative nature.  

Where this movement in the plane of inferences of cosmic nature, that is, in the cosmic arena, creates a reflection only, there the reflected energy creates a sort of sentient reaction. And where there are reflections as well as refractions, these are of mutative character, creating mutations of various nature. And where there is no reflection, only refractions, they are of static nature. There is staticity in them. So matter is not bottled-up energy -- it is `known I' in the cosmic arena, in the arena of the cosmos."


"Vegetarians produce more lymph because they get chlorophyll from grass and other green vegetation, and that is why their brains are more developed than those of non-vegetarians. Those who consume animal protein [neglecting green vegetation] suffer from want of lymph because animal protein contains very little chlorophyll. Tigers and cats are carnivores, which is why they produce less milk. Cows and buffaloes produce much more milk because they take chlorophyll from green grass and green vegetation."


"Maximum lymph is produced from food which contains a lot of chlorophyll, such as green vegetables and especially the tips of the stems of creepers. Granivorous animals produce much milk, while carnivorous animals, such as dogs, give very little milk.

Lymph is produced from animal protein also, but because animal protein produces a lot of heat in the human body, the lymph is quickly converted into semen. Monkeys and deer produce much lymph, but it is not converted into semen because it is utilised in running and jumping."  


"Although carnivores may be more clever or cunning than granivores, they are generally less intellectual. It will be very difficult for a tiger, a cat or a dog to perform spiritual practices. A monkey or a cow may perform spiritual practices because they get much chlorophyll from grass and other green vegetation. Granivorous animals produce more lymph than carnivores, and that is why their brains are more developed."


"Greens (Sha'k) There are various green leafy vegetables called sha'k in Bengali, including lal sha'k (tampala or Amaranthus tricolor)

pui (spinach)¬ palak sha'k or palang sha'k (beetroot, Beta vulgaris) summer sha'k (known as "Gandhari tandularak" in Sam'skrta)etc. Green leafy vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals, but are most important as a rich source of chlorophyll.

Summer sha'k grows very well wherever rice water is thrown onto the soil. Other varieties of sha'k should be sown wherever there is enough water, such as beside water pumps¬ to utilise the water and every inch of land."  


Do the mysteries of and about shamanism, meditation, tantra, yoga, mindfulness, intuition, and consciousness seem, at times, to be more confusing than you can grasp?

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