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Do the mysteries of and about shamanism, meditation, tantra, yoga, mindfulness, intuition, and consciousness seem, at times, to be more confusing than you can grasp? ===>>> Explore Here! <<<===

Quantum Mind Learning Skills

Workshops in Quantum Mind Learning Skills, July and August, Register Now! Seating is limited.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quantum Mind Learning Skills

Upcoming Workshops in Subtle Mind Learning Skills

December 6, learn more HERE.  

The sublimity of creativity, eurekas of inventiveness, preparedness for discoveries, and the receptivity for learning:  all are predicated upon and dependent of subtleties of mind in the wakeful sublimity toward new vistas of perception and action of a progressive nature.  Such continuities are innate to humanity, to personal and social progress and deserving for each of us to cultivate and manifest, to make our own and ubiquitous for all of society in a progressively expressive manner. 

Subtleties of mind, alluded to by Carl Jung, Gurdjieff, Steiner and others, all too often are dismissed in modern times, discouraged for the general masses, some times for nefarious purposes.  As a consequence magnificent talents are driven underground, deanimated, denied, forfeited.  Such momenta debilitate our creativity and learning skills, making both personal life and society at large less than what they should and deserve to be. 

Harbingers of human evolution over many thousands of years have awakened to subtler realms of mind and body and developed insightful practices to positively affect our own, your own personal evolutionary excellence, including in ways contributing to greater learning skills and creative talents. 

Workshops in Quantum Mind Learning Skills, December 6.  Register Now! Seating is limited.


For your class, for your study group, for you personally I can present historical, physiological and mental/psychic exercises that positively affect your learning skills and creative talents in a progressive manner that can last a lifetime.  We cover realms of mind, practices in developing them, and how to utilize them, both for personal excellence and achievement, greater satisfaction in life, and to bring about more and greater positive outcomes for personal fulfillment and a healthier society. 

These skills are innate to human evolution, while these practices have been proven over several thousands of years and will last you a lifetime.  With school reengaging opportunities about to present these learning skills for upcoming students. 

To explore further your personal or shared experience in greater subtleties of mind contact me here:
We can arrange a program geared toward your specific needs, for your group or for you personally. 

Intuitional Training for Professionals and Community Leaders

Do the mysteries of and about shamanism, meditation, tantra, yoga, mindfulness, intuition, and consciousness seem, at times, to be more confusing than you can grasp?

Sparkling Minds Expanding with the Universe
Instructor in Tantra Psychology, presenting rational articulation of intuitional science with cogent practical exercises bringing greater personal awareness and cultivation of subtler realms, imbuing new and meaningful talents into participants' lives.  Explore further bringing such capabilities into your realm, both personal and at work.  Contact HERE

Making a difference for the psychic, moral and physical development of youth, make a difference through and for our Youth Intuitional Development Program

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