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Do the mysteries of and about shamanism, meditation, tantra, yoga, mindfulness, intuition, and consciousness seem, at times, to be more confusing than you can grasp? ===>>> Explore Here! <<<===

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some Event Topics

Do the mysteries of and about shamanism, meditation, initiation, tantra, yoga, mindfulness, intuition, and consciousness seem, at times, to be more confusing than you can grasp?  Fret no more!  
An unfettered mind can fly
throughout the Universe any time, any where.

Tantra Psychology Presentation Roster  

Intuitional development is everyone’s capability, cultivating such skills are both natural and facilitate making more meaningful contributions to life.  Contact us for presentation opportunities, perhaps at your enterprise, classes or events.  

Upcoming topics include:    

As you embrace the Universe,
become one with it, all its attributes
become more reflected in your life

  • Tantra Psychology And The Transformation Of Consciousness

  • Noetic Secrets Revealed, Your Own "What the *Bleep*" Experience

  • Linguistics:  How Language Architecture affects mindframes, conceptualization, thought throughput, dispositions, values, societal intercourse, social justice, and mores -- remedies provided    

  • Calling All Meditators: Intermediate Practices and Facts Furthering Your Meditative Success

  • Some Essential Processes of Tantra Yoga 

  • Samadhi in its Various Thresholds:  Arriving at the Goal of Tantra and the Bliss that Ensues  

  • Subtle Breathing Practices to Possitively Affect Your Happiness and Skills    

  • Pranayama Practices Altering Perceptions, Mind States, Cognition, Health, and Psycho-Spiritual Parallelism   

Upgrading Your Psyche

Merging our attention back into the
magnanimity enveloping us,
the kinks in our psyche are released,
the greater whole more fluently reflected
  • Tantra Psychology And The Transformation Of Consciousness

  • Quantum Psyche: Giving Greater Mind 

  • Tantra Psychology and Intelligence Upgrades

  • Developing Intuition 

  • Psychic and Intuitional Training

  • Siddha Mantras and Their Efficacy for Furthering Your Success 
"As long as this Universe continues
to exist, I am always with you."

  • Intuitional Development for Gifted Children 

  • Consciousness Cleansing 

  • Raising Your Kundalini: How To, Why and When     

  • Cakra Cleansing and Tuning  

  • Magical Child, Mystical Adult  

Applying Intuitional Skills to Everyday Life 

  • Finding Your Next Job, or Customer/Client through Intuitional Exercises

  • Awakening Your Higher Mind 

  • Subtle Energy Practices to Optimize Athletic Abilities

  • Experiencing Prana – for Vitality, Mental Strength and Higher Awareness

  • Purify, Strengthen and Awaken Your Cakras (Cakra Shuddhi)

  • Raise Your GradePoint Average:  Intuitional Tips Can Make You Smarter -- Yes, You!  

  • Indigo Child / Indigo Adult:  Cultivating the Subtleties of Mind for Indigos that Will Last a Lifetime  

  • Glandular Optimization -- Affecting Mind, Body, Health and Society  

  • Longevity: Is It In Your Future? 

  • Strides Against Senility: Start Now to Prevent It Later

  • Tantrika Practices to Flourish Your Wellbeing Forever

  • Anchoring New Paradigms into Your Life: Past, Present and Future

  • What Western Psychology is Missing and How Tantra Psychology May Have Remedies 

  • What's the Relationship Between Tantra Psychology and NLP [NeuroLinguistic Programming]?  Comparison and Contrasts  

  • Soul and Planetary Evolution  

  • MultiDimensional Consciousness:  Making it part of your daily life

  • What Shiva Really Said To Parvati:  Dialogue for making Tantra practical for everyone

  • Dealing with Sexual Excess

  • Revolutionary Change, in Self and Society:  How Tantra Psychology Assures Victory 

  • Tantra for Revolutionaries:  Anchoring/Keeping the Love, Preventing Hate 

Psychic Realms   

  • Channeling:  What is and What is Not Channeling and How These Are Confused

  • Accessing the 5th Dimension -- How to and the Skills this brings:  Remote Viewing, Time Travel [both forward and backward], Clairaudience, and more  

  • Finding Your Next Partner in the Haystack of this Universe  

  • Architecture of Shamanism: Prepare Greater Wisdom for Your Shamanic Experiences    

  • Architecture of Spiritual Progress: Tantra Throughout All Spiritual Practices 

  • Melding into the Matrix:  Developing Unity with the Universe, All Beings, and the Consequential Skills of this Merger    

  • Evolution of the Cosmic Mind -- and Yours:  How You and the Universe Evolved  

  • Realms of Mind: Use Them at Your Best, Exercises to Strengthen Them, Skills They Provide 

  • Disembodied Souls and the Angels Around You:  Siddhas Among Us and How to Recognize and Learn from Them  

  • This Great Universe: If it was Created, and continues through time, then isn't it also Evolving? 

  • TantraCakra:  Evolution According to Tantra -- The Beginning, Manifestation, and the Desideratum on this Journey of Life  

  • Tantra is for Atheists Too  


Making a difference for the psychic, moral and physical development of youth, make a difference through and for our Youth Intuitional Development Program

Intuitional Training for Professionals and Community Leaders

Do the mysteries of and about shamanism, meditation, tantra, yoga, mindfulness, intuition, and consciousness seem, at times, to be more confusing than you can grasp?  

Instructor in tantra psychology, presenting rational articulation of intuitional science with cogent practical exercises bringing greater personal awareness and cultivation of subtler realms, imbuing new and meaningful talents into participants' lives.  Explore further bringing such capabilities into your realm, both personal and at work. 

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