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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Researching Subtler Realms

Researching Subtler Realms

Occasionally some few allopathic medical practitioners, somewheres in the world, have a little mind expansion and bequeath an interest in subtler realms of mind beyond academic volleys of speculative vanity-surfing anchored in and trumped by their academic, occupational, industrial and other unwieldy conceits about subtler realms of mind and body in the spectrum of human potential -- as if no one else has ever done these things, performed such talents, or have never studied such capabilities using "scientific methods". Even animals use scientific method, trial-and-error, and pass on such knowledge and results to their comrades and posterity. So much more so do intuitives use scientific methods to confirm whether they are projecting or receiving perceptions and endeavor to isolate each into each's unadulterated realms and what factors influence receptive and projective skills and results.

Intuitives and Subtle Mind Scientists Should Set the Experiments for Allopaths Exploring Subtle Human Potentials.

While allopaths may search for subtle capabilities, all too often their comprehension and their experiments are limited by their deanimated and materialistic values and states of mind in both the designs of such experiments and their comprehension of the results obtained. A more mature approach in proving intuitive capabilities, subtle science possibilities, and more psychic-centered potentialities should begin with interviewing people both with such capabilities and those who know the intuitional sciences, their continuum and the architectures of such capabilities across all disciplines. Such people can also foreshadow the future of civilization as their revelations and direction through their knowledge of these supramundane and spiritual sciences can portend both physical, metaphysical, spiritual and extrasocial potentialities of humanity.

For example, the constituent factors of mind constructing the capabilities of remote viewing, in both past, future and alternative locations will also have the same construction for what will -- or may already have been proven to be -- the capability to physically time-travel, into the past or future, or to relocate to a remote spot in present time at far greater speed than that of light. Just a hint of some of the points along the continuum of such capabilities can save jillions of hours of research and speculation and many jillions more of dollars overspent in a dawdling, and all too often featherbeddingly stumbling through cluelessness.

Would you be available to work with me in defining what allopaths and other inanimate material scientists should be exploring and in developing the experiments in proving the factuality of intuitional science, psychic capabilities and the future of medical and physical sciences? I welcome your insights and anticipate hearing from you in positive ways.

Do the mysteries of and about shamanism, meditation, tantra, yoga, mindfulness, intuition, and consciousness seem, at times, to be more confusing than you can grasp?

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