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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cakras and Glandular Influences Regarding Subtler Realms of Mind and Some Samadhis

Mind, Brain, Neurology, and Yoga

What are you most capable of doing?  What are you most capable of being?  What is the ultimate possibility of human excellence, and can or will you access such potentialities, in this lifetime, and how may such be achieved, and what to do with it when arrived at?  

This brief article covers realms of life, progressing from crude toward subtle, our glands, cakras and human potential, including samadhi among such possibilities.  

Human Potential

Truthful seekers may ask themselves, "where, how and upon what continuities, thoughts and actions can I achieve, deliver myself to such greater thresholds of excellence, make them real in personal life, grace others with such potentialities?"  

Humans, indeed every living being, is in search of greater thresholds of being, predicating why we wake up, why we eat, why we explore, even why we breathe.   For humans particularly exploring such possibilities is particularly germane, for by whatever means the achievement of human form and psyche, it is within human potential in longing for infinity to actually deliver one's self into greater thresholds of excellence and positively affect all of posterity through the explorations of matter, psyche and spirit, laying precedent for posterity to meet and exceed such deliverance into subtler realms of being as the new base from which to launch further explorations.   

Realms of Being: 'From Crude Toward Subtle' 

In the three realms of life, physical, psychic and transpersonal, which arenas give the most satisfaction, make a person glad to be alive, have the most lasting effect?  

Physicality, both within one's body and the material world, are integral to, instrumental of a vehicle through which the mind acts, experiences, and evolves in sharing this manifest universe resplendent all around.  Can physicality, will inanimate objects be our ultimate goal, or is the mind subtler, while being in need of physicality to express itself?  Can, will object accumulation deliver you to the ultimate possibilities that are you?  If you owned the world, 'could there be more'?  If not, more of 'what'?  

Of our mind, our conscious mind, we reach toward greater thresholds of subtelties -- subtler mind, subtler thoughts.  What of those thoughts are the most lasting?  Is history full of ideas reaching their obsolescence?  Which, if any, are most lasting of all?  An idea today, relative to circumstances surrounding it, may not be so relevant in the future or in other places or among other people concurrently.   

In the trifarious realms of time, place and person, the vicissitudes of life play, fluctuating in each of these variable factors while operating also within the physical and psychic realms.   

Transpersonal, spiritual realms are characteristically pervasive throughout the universe and at all times, with all beings in all places.  Can such a lasting arena with constancy throughout every time, place and person in the universe deliver ever subtler thresholds far beyond those of our subtle minds?  

The three realms of physical, psychic and transpersonal or spiritual are operative all the time, the cruder realms are necessary vehicles for the ever subtler realms and potentialities to find expression, conjugate their potentialities.  Conscious attention toward subtler realms does not necessitate neglecting more mundane realms of life, though attending to them from such subtler realms of being optimizes experiencing the more mundane realms of life with extraordinarily greater richness.  

How much more resplendent are your mundane tasks during or after having been anointed with the fertile waters of mutual respect and love with another being?  A child awakens from deep sleep within a safe environment harbored in the loving embrace of a caring parent whisking them into the bathroom, washing up, scurrying to a delicious nurturing breakfast and hastened into a morning of joyous play and sharing.  Each person recognizes, acknowledges the happiness of each other, each's dignity, sharing of resources and fealty in love flowing freely without pretense carrying each and all to greater gestalts in the synergy of their mutuality.  

Such is the living evidence of subtler realms than physicality and psyche, an essence in precedence to our individual separateness, a mutuality within which we are conceived into life, and replicate in most every thing we do, including carrying on the perpetuity of life through the exponential growth of bringing forth more life.  

In our loving embraces, among the mysteries of our bonding there's a threshold where we lose track of where we end and the other being begins, melded into the singularity of our love, moving in unison without objective thought as to what limb or digit goes where, when or how.  We are symphonies in bonding, arriving at greater thresholds of excellence synergized in the mutuality of our love.  

The operative functionality of all of our organs, both motor and otherwise, are controlled, centristically, by the strengths and capabilities of our glands.  The core of our being psycho-physically is our neurology, our spine, and the subtle centers along its length, common to all vertebrates, "plexii" in many languages, or "cakras" in Sam'skrit.  Our glands are next in line, toward the more mundane direction, from the plexii or cakras along the spine, of which there are seven primary cakras, along with hundreds of subordinate cakras.  Optimizing our glands and cakras positively affects our physicality, our psyche, and our psycho-spiritual parallelism.  

[Aside from describing cakras individually, I will say, reserving greater details for future articles, that much of the descriptions people commonly read about cakras in modern time are misleading, inaccurate, often wrong, and outright dangerous -- information that can be damaging to your wellbeing when utilized.]    

Realms of mind have both direct and indirect relationships with the cakras, with each cakra harboring both subtler sentiments and subtler realms of mind, of being, up to and including the top cakra, the crown cakra or sahashrara cakra at the top of the head.  As each cakra is optimized, ever progressively and concurrently, along with each realm of mind polished in such a progressive manner, new thresholds of human excellence may ensue, greater splendors in one's wellbeing and greater rapport, greater intimacy with the universe.  

Glands are particularly optimized by what we eat, characteristics of our choices of thoughts and actions, and by progressive scientific glandular massage as through asanas, commonly referred to as yoga postures.  This is the real reason why yoga postures, asanas, were invented, plus conjugating thought, word and deed as a singular symphony delivering you into subtler realms of being, predicated upon love and universality.  

Our psyche is optimized through psychic exercises cultivated in a progressive manner, which also include conjugating the parallelism between body and psyche as well as the parallelism between psyche and transpersonal realms.  Progressively designed intuitional science, meditation techniques involve optimizing each realm, and their tangencies with other realms, while merging each threshold, from crude toward subtle, into the next subtler realm of being which is delivered to the ultimate threshold in the constancy of the universal disposition.  

Directly and indirectly this includes optimizing the pineal gland as part of the process, about which the following material addresses a specific form of samadhi in relation to the pineal gland's influence.  

Types of samadhis, individuated samadhis exceed thirty, some of which are cakra-specific while the two samadhis of greatest relevance to all vertebrates, all but a couple of which only humans can will themselves to experience, are savikalpa samadhi -- merging with, ultimate rapport with the manifest universe -- and nirvikalpa samadhi -- merging with and ultimate intimacy with the universe beyond its manifest essence.  

There are many different variations of samadhi, all of which are affected by our glands, both directly and indirectly, while below I've selected one samadhi that is particularly pineal-caused.    

Anindya'nanda Rasasama'dhi
[by Mahasambhuti]

To control the various propensities of human mind there are various glands and sub-glands which form certain nerve centers inside the spinal column.  They are called cakras in Ta'ntra.  Each and every plexus regulates a certain number of propensities.  The hormones secreted from these particular glands influence the concerning sub-glands, the other lower glands, and the propensities, vrttis in Sam'skrit, controlled by their respective glands.

The food and drink we take every day is converted into rasa (fluid), rakta, flesh, fat, bone marrow and lymph etc.  Ultimately the lymph is converted into hormones of various types.  The special hormone secreted from the spiritual aspirant's pineal gland flows into the pituitary plexus.  At that time if one's mind remains engaged in pure spiritual thoughts that hormone flows from the pineal gland down the left side to the pituitary gland, and then to other plexii, glands and sub-glands, nerve fibers, nerve cells, veins and arteries, etc.  This excessive flow of pineal hormone revitalizes all the lower plexii.  On the other hand, if one's mind remains preoccupied with crude thoughts then the pineal hormone gets burnt up at the pituitary plexus.  The lower cakras and glands, due to the lack of supply of pineal secretion, do not enjoy any spiritual bliss.  But when the pineal hormone flows through the pituitary plexus to the lowest plexii, the undeveloped cakras of the body become healthier and revitalized.  As a rule the upper cakras control the lower ones.  So the svadhista'na cakra (2nd plexus) controls the mu'la'dha'ra cakra (1st plexus), the manipura cakra (3rd plexus) controls the svadhista'na and mu'ladha'ra cakras, the ana'hata (4th plexus) controls the man'ipura, svadhista'na and muladha'ra cakras, and the a'jina' (6th plexus) controls all the lower cakras.

At the time of pineal secretion if a sa'dhaka goes into sama'dhi -- he or she experiences a kind of divine aura around the ana'hata cakra (heart plexus).  The sa'dhaka realizes that he or she is experiencing a divine dip in the holy aura, and feels indescribable bliss in the heart.  In that exalted state of realization every object of this universe seems to be extremely sweet, and one derives immense bliss which no worldly object could ever provide.  The sun's rays, the moon beams, the land, the water, in fact everything appears to be emanating continuous streams of blissful nectar.

Idam' ma'nusam'sarves'a'm' bhu'ta'na'm'

Madhvasya' ma'nu's'asya sarva'ni bhu'ta'ni madhuh

Aya'ma'tma' sarves'a'm bhu'ta'na'm' madhvasya a'tmanah

Sarvani bhu'ta'ni madhuh.

Even a sworn enemy appears to be very sweet at that time.  Everything is sweet.  In Vaesnava philosophy this stage of sama'dhi is called madhura bha'va.  In Ta'ntra it is called aninda'nanda rasa sama'dhi.

Characteristics of Anindya'nanda Rasa Sama'dhi

The different plexii of the body get revitalized due to abundant hormone secretion and become more active than before.  The sa'dhaka enjoys immense bliss.  Due to excessive feelings of joy the nerve cells and the nerve fibers become ineffective.  A very sweet relation of love between the sincere practitioner and core of the universe is established.  Throughout the blissful experience a sweet taste is felt.  This state is one of the thirty-two prominent states of bliss experienced by highly developed sa'dhakas.  The special characteristics of this sama'dhi is that it is attained by an adept's grace predicated upon one's sincere efforts.

Of course, to attain supreme spiritual salvation it is not necessary for a sa'dhaka to experience any sama'dhi at all.  For example, passengers traveling on a train may or will not be able to see the sights of nature or towns if the doors and window-shutters are closed.  Although the passengers are unaware of the towns they are passing through, they still reach their destinations.  In the spiritual world also, the sa'dhaka, while ideating on the Supreme Consciousness will certainly pass through the different stages of realisation without necessarily being aware of it.  When the all-merciful universe gifts an adept incarnate with transpersonal initiation capabilities they help deserving sa'dhakas to attain this type of samadhi.  Even when they are physically absent in this world they help deserving persons to attain this sama'dhi through other adepts.

Do the mysteries of and about shamanism, meditation, tantra, yoga, mindfulness, intuition, and consciousness seem, at times, to be more confusing than you can grasp?

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